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Dendrocoptes is a genus of woodpeckers in the (family Picidae) native to Eurasia. Species in this genus were previously assigned to Dendrocopos, where some taxonomic authorities still keep the entire group.[1][2] The taxonomic committee of the British Ornithologists' Union have recommended an alternative arrangement in which the genera Dendrocoptes and Leiopicus are combined into a larger Dendropicos.[3]

Dendrocopos medius (Marek Szczepanek).jpg
Middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocoptes medius
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Piciformes
Family: Picidae
Tribe: Dendropicini
Genus: Dendrocoptes
Cabanis & Heine, 1863

3, see text

The genus contains three species:[2]

Image Scientific name Common Name Distribution
Dendrocoptes dorae Arabian woodpecker southwestern Saudi Arabia and Yemen
Dendrocopos auriceps -Devidhura, Uttarakhand, India -male-8.jpg Dendrocoptes auriceps Brown-fronted woodpecker Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bhutan.
Dendrocopos medius (Marek Szczepanek).jpg Dendrocoptes medius Middle spotted woodpecker northern Spain and France east to Poland and Ukraine, and south to central Italy (where local), the Balkan Peninsula, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, the Caucasus, and Iran


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