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New American Cyclopædia

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Title page from the New American Cyclopædia (1858)

The New American Cyclopædia was an encyclopedia created and published by D. Appleton & Company of New York in 16 volumes, which initially appeared between 1858 and 1863. Its primary editors were George Ripley and Charles Anderson Dana.

The New American Cyclopædia was revised and republished as the American Cyclopædia in 1873.[1]



The New American Cyclopædia was a general encyclopedia with a special focus on subjects related to the United States. As it was created over the years spanning the American Civil War, the focus and tone of articles could change drastically; for example, Jefferson Davis, the future president of the Confederate States of America, was treated at length as a United States Army soldier and US government politician.[2]

As was traditional, the entire set was re-issued with the publication in 1863 of the 16th volume. The whole Cyclopædia was again re-issued in 1864.


A notable contributor was Karl Marx, then a European correspondent for the New York Tribune, who, appeared as the writer, while most of those articles were written by Friedrich Engels, especially the articles on military affairs,[3] which belonged in Engels' domain in the division of labor between the two friends. Because of his deep knowledge of all things military, Engels had earned the nickname "General".[3] Marx wrote a highly unsympathetic biographical article on Simon Bolivar.[3][4]

Annual yearbookEdit

An associated yearbook, Appletons' Annual cyclopaedia and register of important events of the year, was published from 1861 to 1875 and on to 1901.[5]

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The New American Cyclopædia, 1858–1863
year Volume From To
1858 1 a araguay
1858 2 araktsheef beale
1858 3 beam browning
1858 4 brownson chartes
1859 5 chartreuse cougar
1859 6 cough education
1859 7 edward fueros
1859 8 fugger haynau
1860 9 hayne jersey city
1860 10 jerusalem macferrin
1861 11 macgillivray moxa
1861 12 Mozambique parr
1861 13 parr redwitz
1862 14 reed spire
1862 15 spiritualism uzziah
1863 16 v zwirner

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Title page of the American Cyclopædia,1879
The American Cyclopædia, 1879
Volume From To
Volume 1 A Asher
Volume 2 Ashes Bol
Volume 3 Bolan Pass Carmine
Volume 4 Carmona Coddington
Volume 5 Code Demotica
Volume 6 Dempster Everett
Volume 7 Evesham Glascock
Volume 8 Glasgow Hortense
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